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Here at Premier Art and Framing, we believe your artwork or photographs deserve the perfect frame. Whether it's for decorative purposes or because you want to give your art added protection, we have the right frame for your project. You spent days, weeks, months or even years creating your masterpiece. Your attention to detail, your artistic flair, and your unique style and technique have culminated in a piece that you are proud to showcase! Let the finishing touch to all your hard work be a custom-made frame! Our frames are highly decorative, beautiful in design and made to last for a lifetime. Whether you want something simple so your art can take centre stage, or something more ornate and elaborate, we can create the right frame for your work and your surrounding home decor.
Our team has more than 30 years of valuable experience designing and crafting custom frames for your artwork, tapestry, print or photo. Rest assured when you order a frame from us, it will be customised to offer the most high-quality display as well as the greatest level of protection against dust, debris, sun and more. Our frames are designed to showcase your work in the best possible way, creating a beautiful focal point that will become a highlight in your home for years to come. Our frames are made from a range of materials and can be done in a variety of ways. We can accomplish simple lines, ornate details and a range of accessories that will complete the look, such as matt boards and conservation glass that can be used to block out UV rays and keep your photos or artwork from fading—even if they are displayed in locations with windows and other exposure to harsh lighting.

If you aren’t sure about which materials and types of frames are the best options for your work, let us know and we will be happy to offer you the benefit of our expertise. We will work with you to create a frame that beautifully highlights your piece. All frames are custom made and personalised to perfectly accommodate each work of art individually. Your frame will be as carefully crafted and high quality as the artwork itself, adding to the aesthetic of your home without detracting from the artwork held inside.

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Ready to have your work of art contained in a custom frame that not only prevents damage but also enhances the look of your art as well as your home’s décor? Get in touch today and one of our experts will be happy to assist you with whatever framing needs you may have.
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