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The Premier Art and Framing story is part of the local Crethar family history. It all started around 1978 when young Harry Crethar took possession of a milk bar in Keen Street, on the main city block of Lismore. The popular little shop was located near where Tropicana is today and was called "The Wonder Bar". Even today the shop is remembered by many of the long time Lismore residents. As a young man Harry was a keen pool player, and whenever he could he would nick across the road to the mens only card and amusment club.  There he would take some time to de- stress with a few games of pool with the guys. This interest in pool led Harry to set up a pool table as a central feature in his first picture framing shop, a few doors down from the Wonder Bar. Harry and Maria’s son, Peter, now manages Crethars Pool Tables and keeps Harry’s gaming interest alive.
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In 1980 the Crethar family business moved around the corner to 69 Magellan Street. There the doors of their new shop were opened, so art supplies, picture framing and pool table sales and repairs began in earnest. Like many businesses those days, the word got around that this was the place to go and the business began to build the reputation that it has today of friendly and professional service. After making the move to Magellan Street, the business evolved into Premier Art and Framing and Crethars Pool Tables  and has continued to operate in that location ever since. Now with more than 30 years experience, proprietors Harry and Maria Crethar have a wealth of knowlege that results in good advice and service to their customers. Harry has now retired, but the Crethars continue to operate the combined businesses. Maria manages Premier Art and Framing while son, Spero, manages the framing side of the business.
69 Magellan St Lismore NSW 02 6621 6081